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SERUCA is a regional organization dedicated to Urgent Care as a critical component of our healthcare system, working to assure high quality and cost effective urgent care services, while advocating for regulations that support our industry. 

About Southeast Regional Urgent Care Association

SERUCA is a member organization that began in 2022 with a small group of people dedicated to representing urgent care to address regulatory and legislative demands. Members and their individual expertise are the backbone of this thriving organization.

In 2022, we recognized the need for a regional chapter of the Urgent Care Association (UCA) that could represent the area’s increasing number of urgent care  centers and members. By working together, we believe that our industry can have a stronger voice while promoting the importance Urgent Care as a part of America’s health care system as most recently evidenced during COVID.

Though a wholly independent entity, SERUCA, the 3rd and newest chapter, enjoys our affiliate chapter relationship with the Urgent Care Association (UCA). This allows our members the added benefit of access to the resources of a nation-wide organization relative to advocacy, education, practice management, and payer issues should situations arise dictating that level of involvement.

The Southeast Regional Urgent Care Association is here to represent the interests of urgent care in its eight member states. This need for Urgent Care Centers to have a partner organization supporting and representing their interests has become increasingly important in the face of legislative and regulatory attempts to negatively impact our practices across the Southeast.

In our first year, we will recruit Strategic Partners, who wish to support the mission of SERUCA and the urgent care industry. These partners will be integral to our success as an organization and as an industry.

In addition to other committees, we will develop a Government Affairs Committee to actively monitor the rapidly changing developments in these states and throughout our region. To accomplish this will require state and regional leaders that can identify concerns and help to formulate solutions. 

SERUCA will provide regional access to legislative and payer advocacy, world class educational opportunities, and cutting edge industry partners to support our centers, allowing us as owners/operators and staff to do the very best for our patients and communities.

SERUCA currently represents nine (9) SE states: Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee. If you are a UCA member in these nine states, then you are already a member of SERUCA. That means that SERUCA already has a membership of over 3000 UCA members in the nine states represented by SERUCA.

We hope you will join us in representing urgent care medicine. Please consider joining SERUCA and the UCA today, and help us represent your interests locally and nationally!

SERUCA Organization Highlights:

• Formed in 2022, the third regional chapter of UCA.
• Grassroots local representation partnered with UCA’s national strength.
• Tackles legislative issues at the state level.
• Education and Advocacy for Urgent Care Medicine in the Southeast.
• Committees: Executive, Education, Payer Relations, Membership, Finance, ByLaws, Government Affairs, and Strategic Partners.

Why Choose Us?

Our Mission

The mission of the Southeast Regional Urgent Care Association is to support education, advocacy, and specialty recognition, as well as foster the integration of Urgent Care Medicine into the healthcare system in the Southeastern US.

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Southeast Regional Urgent Care Association is developing something spectacular. Join us as we develop a powerful voice supporting Urgent Care

Our Activity

Our Mission

The mission of the Southeast Regional Urgent Care Association is to support the ongoing success of our membership through strong advocacy and education and to promote urgent care as a patient-oriented, accessible, and cost-effective sector of our healthcare system.


If you are a UCA member in AL, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, or TN — then you are already a member of SERUCA. As a Southeast Regional Urgent Care Association, member, you’ll have exposure to a vibrant network along with a wealth of knowledge and experience you can’t find anywhere else. As a new entity, choosing to represent your state or serve on a committee will give you the opportunity to help SERUCA establish structure and set goals. 

UCA members in the Southeest are already SERUCA members
Become A Sponsor

In order to accomplish our goals, SERUCA will need sponsors and volunteers. That will include supporters who appreciate the importance and role of urgent care in today’s healthcare system. By sponsoring SERUCA, you can promote and market your brand or your product to the many thousands of SERUCA members and organizations. Your support during the formative stages could be particularly advantageous. Let’s talk about the mutual benefits. 

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Join the Cause

Can you imagine the COVID pandemic without urgent care? Can you appreciate how much patients and insurers save by utilizing urgent care as compared to the emergency room or by delaying care? Urgent Care is quicker, cheaper, and faster while providing expanded services, and oftentimes better — thus satisfying America’s on-demand culture. Now is the time to make sure that legislative policy supports the role and demand for urgent care services. Urgent Care operates in between a PCP and an ED, and thus is a unique specialty. Support SERUCA and support Urgent Care. 


Our Team Success

Our Board Members

The Board Members at SERUCA are committed to ongoing support for its members and the states we serve. Our goal is to help urgent care centers across the South East by combining our knowledge, skill sets, key sources of information, and contacts to keep the medical community and our members up to date.

James Bernie Short, MD

Founder & President

Tracey Davidoff, MD

Vice President

Patrick O’Malley, MD

Board Member

Randy Glick

Board Member

Chris Chao, MD

Board Member

Brad Laymon, PA
Brad Laymon, PA

Board Member