Financial Committee

Ensuring fiduciary integrity and appropriate use of financial resources

Southeast Regional Urgent Care Association

Financial Committee

The Financial Committee provides financial analysis, advice and oversight of the organization’s budget. Our main responsibility is to ensure SERUCA  is operating with the financial resources it needs to provide programs, conferences, services and it’s continued efforts to the urgent care community.  Our committee ensures that all records are maintained accurately and reports are provided during our monthly Board meetings. We use prior year information to set budgets and balances with useful benchmarks.

Our Financial Committee Provides

  • Oversee financial planning.
  • Monitor that adequate funds are available for financial management tasks.
  • Ensure that assets are protected.
  • Draft organizational fiscal policies.
  • Anticipate financial problems
  • Oversee financial record keeping
  • Help the full board understand the organization’s financial health.
  • Ensure all legal reporting requirements are met.
  • Sustain the financial committee itself.